About Us

WarwickNet is a rapidly growing, Tier 2 Internet Service Provider who delivers high speed connectivity solutions to businesses located on business parks, industrial estates, metropolitan areas and multi-tenancy buildings.

What we do

WarwickNet specialise in national and international, highly bespoke MPLS networks for corporate, broadcasting and data network, and backhaul services for other Internet Service Providers. The company also have an extensive presence on a large number of Business Parks and Industrial Estates throughout the wider Midlands, where we deliver superfast broadband and high-capacity leased lines.

Using our resilient national network based on a 10-Gigabit Ethernet Core with multiple pop locations in London, the Midlands and Manchester, we implement a mixture of technologies including Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC), Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) and Sub-Loop-Unbundling (SLU) to bring high speed Internet to your business.

Find out more about how we come to the rescue of poorly connected business parks here.

Who we are

Ben King, Chief Executive
Steve Glendinning, Chief Technical Officer
John Bezzant, Chief Financial Officer
James Warner, Director of Sales and Marketing
Kirstie Looms, Head of Marketing
Carrie Anderson, Senior Provisioning Coordinator
Joe Carman, Senior Provisioning Coordinator
Andy Hicks, Senior Network Engineer
Lee Jones, Senior Network Engineer
Mark Hitchcock, Business Development Director
Theodora Costley-White, Programme Manager
Mark Davison, Business Development Director
Paul McCormick, Sales Manager
Matthew Trueman, Senior Business Development Manager
Dave Wilson, Network Engineer
Mark Hall, Network Engineer
Ollie Bell, Network Engineer
Stephen Terry, Planning Engineer
Bert Barrez, Network Engineer
Claire Berry, Provisioning Coordinator
Richard Small, Provisioning Coordinator
Tracy Lawton, Financial Controller
Alex Martis, Marketing Coordinator
Morgan Erkhagen, Provisioning Coordinator
Hayley Blackburn, Senior Business Development Manager
Paul Crossan, Provisioning Coordinator
Thomas Smith, Senior Business Development Manager
Francis Parker, Business Development Manager
Tom Chedham, Senior Business Development Manager
James Faver, Business Development Manager
Bishal Pradhananga, Business Development Manager
Mara Goodwin, Business Development Manager
Paul Lane, Network Infrastructure Administrator
Jack Harrison, Business Development Manager
Stephen Hales, Infrastructure Planner
Stephen Smith, Business Development Manager