Connecting hundreds of businesses across Northampton

Superfast Northamptonshire aims to ensure that superfast broadband is made available to local people and businesses across the county by end of 2017. WarwickNet is backing this strategy by expanding its rollout of superfast fibre into the town of Northampton, covering hundreds of businesses.

By building points-of-presence directly onto estates, WarwickNet delivers a complete range of connectivity solutions over its resilient national network, based around a 10-Gigabit Ethernet core.

A number of estates in the Northampton area, such as Waterside and Riverside Way are already connected, with Brackmills Industrial Estate, Moulton Park and Grange Park to follow as deployment work progresses.

These sites will also benefit from WarwickNet’s latest addition to the portfolio, Premium Internet Access, introduced in December 2015, which offers uncontended Internet access at affordable prices with double the download. The new Premium 80/40 service also means that you have no limits on data usage and that your bandwidth is dedicated to your business and not shared with other customers.

Thomas Smith, Business Development Manager, said:

“WarwickNet has a significant customer base in Corby and Kettering. This recent rollout means that we have an even greater coverage across Northamptonshire and we look forward to helping more businesses in the Northampton area enjoy the benefits of superfast connectivity.”

For more information, or to discuss broadband options for your business, get in touch with Business Development Manager, Thomas Smith on 02476 995 817 or by email at

Friday, 15th January 2016