Delivering Superfast Broadband to Business Parks – Even Faster

Mark and Steve at Power JointingTwo Warwickshire companies are at the vanguard of speeding up the installation of superfast broadband to business parks by cutting the time of connection by up to 30 days.

WarwickNet and electrical connection specialists Power Jointing & Distribution Services recognise that a new code of practice from electricity watchdog OFGEM will be a ‘game-changer’ for long-suffering businesses still having to deal with poor quality broadband which is unfit for purpose.

The two companies are set to start a collaboration to speed up the process following WarwickNet's provision of business-grade internet facilities to Heathcote Industrial Estate, near Leamington, where Power Jointing has its head office.

Steve Harvey, connections manager at Power Jointing & Distribution Services said:

“When WarwickNet approached us to provide superfast broadband, we had an appalling internet connection. We spoke to our existing provider who said that they could not deliver the service at WarwickNet’s competitive rate and suggested that it would be better to move.

WarwickNet then installed a brilliant service which has delivered everything we were told we could not have under our previous provider. We saw an immediate difference and realised how important it was to get organisations at business parks across the UK connected as quickly as possible.

Currently, the time between when a company signs up to receive faster broadband and when the service is delivered varies across the UK. We have therefore been lobbying power companies to ‘level the playing field’ and requested that a best practice model be created.”

The new code of practice from OFGEM means that linking up broadband would no longer have to be subject to complicated paperwork, including point of connection applications or network design and approval which can delay the process by up to 30 days.

Mark Hitchcock, Business Development Manager at WarwickNet, said:

“Power Jointing & Distribution Services has led the way on this initiative, which will be a game changer for the businesses we want to reach who are suffering with poor broadband speeds. It means that wherever we are in the UK, we will be able to offer a rapid connection without the complicated paper chase. It will dramatically save time and money, and is a more linear and streamlined process.”



ISP Review

Monday, 13th July 2015