Business Park Broadband

Brackmills Industrial Estate

One of Northamptonshire’s biggest industrial estates is set to benefit from superfast broadband thanks to WarwickNet.

Brackmills Industrial Estate is home to a wide variety of logistics and distribution companies, important manufacturing, service and trading companies which all make valuable contributions to the local economy in Northamptonshire.

Findings following broadband demand surveys in the summer of 2015 revealed that lack of access to faster broadband was affecting the productivity of these companies. As a result, WarwickNet stepped in to help tenants on the estate connect to superfast broadband and high-capacity leased lines.

Four of Brackmills Industrial Estate's seven cabinets were upgraded in Summer 2016, while the remaining three followed in early 2017.

Details of Service  
Postcodes covered NN4 0XP, NN4 7AN, NN4 7BB, NN4 7BD, NN4 7BE, NN4 7BH, NN4 7BQ, NN4 7DY, NN4 7EB, NN4 7EE, NN4 7ED,  NN4 7EX, NN4 7HR, NN4 7LZ, NN4 7PW, NN4 7PD, NN4 6BZ, NN4 7AE, NN4 7EU, NN4 7PB, NN4 7ES, NN4 7JE, NN4 7PA, NN4 7AS, NN4 7DT, NN4 7EY, NN4 7HS
Services Available Business Broadband,  Leased Lines, Premium Internet Access, MPLS, VoIP, Online Backup
Delivery Technologies FTTC, FTTP
Go-live date 3rd June 2016
Pricing Available on request