Business Park Broadband

Charter Avenue Industrial Estate

Charter Avenue Industrial Estate gets ultrafast Internet access.

Tenants on this estate have had to put up with sluggish ADSL speeds of around 3-4 Mbit/s for far too long. To put an end to poor broadband speeds, WarwickNet have built a new roadside cabinet on Charter Avenue Industrial Estate, where broadband speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s are available.

Charter Avenue Industrial Estate is located west of Coventry City Centre, and offers a mixture of industrial warehouses and logistics centres as well as high-quality office space. With great links to all the major routes out of Coventry, the estate is well placed to serve the ever growing demands of the business community.

Details of Service  
Postcodes covered CV4 8AF, CV4 8AG, CV4 8AT, CV4 8AU, CV4 8AW, CV4 8DA, CV4 8HQ
Services Available Business Broadband, Leased Lines, Premium Internet Access, MPLS, VoIP, Online Backup
Delivery Technologies FTTC, FTTP
Go-live date 5th September 2014
Pricing Available on request