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Upgrading the UK’s full fibre ultrafast network is vital for our businesses and our economy. Now, the future and beyond. That's why our full fibre whitepaper goes beyond the headlines of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme and examines the journey towards gigabit-capability for the nation's businesses and, above all else, offers real case studies to put the scheme into perspective.

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With the advent of initiatives by the UK Government like the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, there’s a conscious effort to improve the nation’s quality of broadband, but aside from sound bites about faster speeds and increased reliability, seldom has been spoken about the journey towards gigabit-capability, and the benefits in action of ultrafast broadband through full fibre networks.

Until now.

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In our exclusive whitepaper on the power of full fibre networks for UK business, we’re investigating:

1. Setting the scene: The demand and supply of ultrafast broadband to UK business communities

2. Transformation: Four ways ultrafast broadband can transform your business

3. Ultrafast broadband in action: A Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme success story

4. The future of connectivity: Bringing full fibre to the nation


1. Setting the scene: The demand and supply of ultrafast broadband to UK business communities

Every story has a gripping introduction. Setting the scene of business broadband in the UK can be surmised in one sentence.

High cost, unreliable, consumer-grade service.

Forward-thinking businesses should be looking at upgrading to gigabit-capable fibre now to connect faster, work smarter and do better business.

How we work and live has changed. Living in a digital era means that nearly every business must consider their virtual presence, both in terms of surviving and competing in today’s global market place.

Our whitepaper provides the context needed to show the sway that stronger, business-grade connectivity has on the economy. From the intrinsic link between popular start up locations and access to ultrafast connectivity, to the Government’s pledge of a Universal Service Obligation of next-gen broadband, discover the facts that you need.

Click here to find out where the country ranks in the top 40 European speeds league table, and how the Department for Culture, Media and Sports gigabit scheme is a positive sign for making access to ultrafast broadband a reality for all.



2. Transformation: Four ways ultrafast broadband can transform your business

Although full-fibre is the gold standard of connectivity, the whitepaper establishes exactly where we stand right now. Without revealing too much about the quality (get the whole story by clicking here), the current state of play is that a hybrid of fibre and copper is behind the majority of UK’s connectivity (fibre-to-the-cabinet – ‘FTTC’). Whilst fast, it’s not future proof. And for SMEs that’s disconcerting.

With full fibre networks and gigabit behind hailed as the gold standard of connectivity, little has been written about the tangible, in-action benefits of ultrafast broadband. In our whitepaper, we provide four ways that the future of connectivity is transforming businesses for the better, giving credibility and context to headline stories about the speed and reliability of gigabit-capable connections.

From agility and driving down operating costs, to some less-considered benefits like virtual peer networks (VPNs), our whitepaper offers practical examples for why full-fibre solutions can help business today, as well as what they’ll do in the future.

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3. Ultrafast broadband in action: A Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme success story

Continuing our theme of ultrafast in practice, our whitepaper looks at what a Coventry based firm, Nuco International, has achieved from using a gigabit-capable connection.

With 88% of the UK using cloud-based solutions, Nuco International’s story centres on their desire to cut operating costs and prepare itself for expansion plans in the future. As one of the 67% of WarwickNet served Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme pilot voucher recipients, the business recognised the importance of being gigabit ready and the scalability that a full-fibre solution provides.

Download your copy of our whitepaper to hear from the company’s IT and Project Manager on how ultrafast broadband is digitally transforming Nuco International’s business operations, and discover how the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme helped the company put its growth plans into motion.

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4. The future of connectivity: Bringing full fibre to the nation

We conclude our full-fibre network story with a nod to the future.

With businesses competing in a highly-competitive, borderless economy, consumers have taken convenience, reliability and seamlessness as a given. That means if your business provides a service that requires frequent use of the internet, and has to tick these consumer boxes, we, as a nation, need to have access to ultrafast, ultra-reliable broadband that offers consumers the experience they’ve come to love.

But making ultrafast broadband accessible for all UK businesses requires substantial investment, both in terms of cost and from internet service providers and OFCOM.

Statistics show that full-fibre coverage (vital to providing ultrafast broadband) is on the rise, and as business like WarwickNet invest in their own infrastructure to help make next-gen quality broadband a reality, there’s a lot for the businesses of the nation to be excited about.

In our whitepaper we take a closer look at the exciting steps already being taken, like the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, or OFCOM's step to enable further investment in full-fibre networks and easier access for providers to wholesale services for businesses, and gives the context that shows how important it is for the UK to improve its business broadband coverage.


What are the next steps?

In our state of connectivity whitepaper we're revealing what the Government, and industry, is doing to deliver the ultrafast broadband UK businesses need.

See what industry experts believe needs to be done to support your business, the technology behind ultrafast broadband, the efficiencies which go hand in hand with a faster connection, including cloud computing and reduced costs with home working, and the importance of being ready for the next steps with the internet and your business.

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To discover how full fibre networks are making UK business more competitive fill in the form to download your free whitepaper