Business Park Broadband

Moulton Park

Alongside neighbouring Grange Park, Brackmills Industrial Estate and Park Farm, Moulton Park is set to benefit from fast and reliable Internet thanks to WarwickNet.

Providing the park’s over 200 organisations with business-grade broadband with speeds ranging between 40 and 100 Mbit/s, and dedicated leased lines of up to 1 Gbit/s, WarwickNet is helping to more than double internet speeds for the majority of businesses on site.

Details of Service  
Postcodes covered NN2 7AH, NN3 6AP, NN3 6AQ, NN3 6AX, NN3 6BW,  NN3 6EU, NN3 6HE, NN3 6HY, NN3 6HZ, NN3 6JD, NN3 6LF, NN3 6LG, NN3 6LL, NN3 6NN, NN3 6PZ, NN3 6QA, NN3 6QB, NN3 6QF, NN3 6QN, NN3 6RT, NN3 6UR, NN3 6WL, NN3 6XF
Services Available Business Broadband, Leased Lines, MPLS, VoIP, Online Backup
Delivery Technologies FTTC, FTTP
Go-live date 5th April 2016
Pricing Available on request